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2 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hello, my name is Boris, on half of ZAFUL website with 1.7 million followers, mainly running swimwear, and I personally in charge of visual service of the brand.
    We know you through your personal website and Instagram. We like your works very much. Please have a look at our product and hope we could have a cooperation.
    I have a look book project for our new collection.Our plan is to shoot a look book outdoors, some beach at Australia.(the look book project is around 40 pieces, 15 swimwear, 15 normal size women , and 10 plus-size women . We want to invite Kristina Mendonca and a plus-size as our models.We need photographer, who worked with Kristina Mendonca before,making sure the shooting rate and visual effect is secure and smooth. Also we need make up ,hair, stylist and assistance  )
    Wish to discuss our shooting schedule and price list from you if you are interested in.
    Look forward to receiving your reply soon


    1. Hi Boris, thank you for reaching out in regards to your upcoming look book. I am interested. Please feel free to send over your shooting schedule. My fees for a swimwear look book start at $2,000 day rate, and anything additional like assistant rates, gear fees, flight costs (I am based in LA), and retouching is up for negotiation. Please feel free to email me any questions you may have. My email is
      Thank you,


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