Fly On the Wall: Free People

My favorite behind the scenes photos of a few Free People shoots


Tomorrow is my last day with Free People, a company I have been with for the last 6+ years. It’s a peculiar feeling… this mixture of anxiety, excitement, contentment, disappointment, and freedom. But sometimes it’s good to say goodbye to what you know and jump into the next adventure in order to keep pushing yourself. In my current state of nostalgia, I wanted to share some of my favorite behind the scenes images I was able to capture on set. By no means did I have any input in art direction, styling, producing, or taking photographs for the Free People website or various lookbooks. Out of respect for the photographers, art directors, stylists, hair and makeup, and producers who executed these shoots, I must mention that I was merely a fly on the wall, trying to grab quick shots where I wasn’t in the way or a nuisance to the actual photographers. On these shoots, my job was to capture behind the scenes for the Free People blog and I was damn proud of it.














A big thank you to Free People, the Free People West Coast team, and the many photographers (Graham Dunn, Harper Smith, Jason Lee Parry, Olivia Malone, and Anthony Nocella, among many others) who allowed me to sneak around their shoots. And a special thanks to Doub Hanshaw, Coryn Madley, Tina Deleon, Devin O’Niell, Adam Williams, and Melodi Meadows.

Author: joannarentz

Traveling, photographing, takin' notes. Fashion, music, art, love.

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