Catalina Island

Just twenty miles southwest of the golden beaches of SoCal, sits the beautiful and rugged Catalina Island.


Just twenty miles southwest of the golden beaches of SoCal, sits the beautiful and rugged Catalina Island.

The piece of rustic land, part of the California Channel Islands, has two main city hubs: the resort town of Twin Harbors on the north side, and Avalon, residing in the south. Both towns are easily accessible by boat.

I came here with my partner – both of us excited first timers – for a quick weekend away from the smog-riddden City of Angels. After an hour boat ride and a few cocktails staring out into the Pacific, we docked at Twin Harbors and were shuttled to our campsite by van. Very cool, most definitely, but the shuttle also meant that we didn’t have our own way into town once we were dropped off. Two things: 1.) be sure you are 100% prepared for your camping trip, (read: get more firewood than you think) and 2.) it feels amazing to be disconnected. Of course cell coverage is spotty, but you don’t even have a car… safety net, gone! I tell you, don’t freak because it is freeeeeing. The campsite – called Little Harbor – was gigantic. Very roomy, very quiet… very private… perfect for a rustically romantic getaway. And on the other hand, if you are looking for a great place to camp with a large group, this is it. There is that much room.

The days were sunny and bright and we spent our time playing cards, cribbage, walking up and down the rocky coastline, laying out at the beach, bbq-ing, taking photos, and scanning the hills for foxes and buffalo. Yeah, BUFFALO. Word on the street is that some many years ago, buffalo were brought over to Catalina for a film and were never brought back over to the mainland. So… keep your eyes open on that one.

Check out these photos, all taken with a disposable camera (sorry about that?), and get yourself to Catalina Island already.








For more information or to schedule your Catalina adventure, click here. Reserve your camping spot at Little Harbor here. And… you’re welcome.

>Have you been to Catalina? I’d love to hear about your experience! Leave your comments below.


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